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The world of dentistry

It's a disgrace!

Putting Children First

Caries in children that is. Extraction of rotten teeth has topped the leaderboard for hospital admissions in young children over recent years, and there's not much sign of improvement. It's a preventable disease and this is the United Kingdom in 2024. What is to be done? The simple truth is that supervised twice daily brushing at home and avoiding ...

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Piloting ‘Prevention in Practice: Putting Children First’

Prevention in Practice: Putting Children First

A shocking statistic Yesterday the BBC published Children waiting over a year in pain for NHS tooth removal, highlighting the serious delays for children waiting for extractions under general anaesthesia and the impact this has not just on the children but their families and wider society. Caries, a preventable disease, remains the most common reas...

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Aims, objectives and outcomes: What they mean and why you should care

Aims, objectives and outcomes

Aims, objectives and outcomes will be familiar to anyone who engages in CPD, but how many really understand what they mean and why they are important? The reality is that most do not, including those responsible for dental education, GDC included! The terms are distinct but often conflated. Aims are what a CPD activity sets out to achieve i.e. its ...

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Looking forward to 2022


Webinar survey At the tail end of last year we asked members about some proposed changes to our webinar programme. The pandemic has meant that everyone has become familiar with online meetings, often to the point of exhaustion. Coupled with the new pressures on dental practice we wanted to make sure that our live programme fits in with very busy pr...

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21 years today...

21st birthday

Today is our 21st birthday. The Dental Channel was formed on 19 November 1998, two months after a certain company called Google was incorporated.Our aspirations were somewhat more modest, seeking to develop e-learning resources that would help dentists keep up to date with 'best practice', but nonetheless pioneering and innovative. So much has chan...

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College of General Dentistry: aspiration becomes reality

College of General Dentistry

Dentistry in unusual amongst the principle providers of healthcare in not having its own independent college, let alone an independent college with Royal status. The College of General Dentistry (CGDent) – a collegiate home for all members of dental team in all sectors of general dentistry, is in the process of being created. A priority for the Col...

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The End of the CPD Year is Nigh: Be Prepared!

End of the CPD Year is Nigh!

31 December 2018 marks the end of the first year under the enhanced CPD scheme for dentists. This date is now not only the deadline for paying the best part of £1000 for the annual retention fee and confirming that indemnity is in place, but also completing the minimum CPD requirement. A second deadline follows swiftly after: the annual CPD stateme...

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GDPR is here (if you hadn't already noticed)


If your email inbox is anything like mine, you will have recently been inundated with requests to confirm that you still wish to hear from various organisations, some familiar and some probably not.The deluge is due to the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation today, accompanied by the Data Protection Act 2018 which, w...

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Enhanced CPD is here

eCPD is here!

Happy New Year! This is the traditional time of year for setting resolutions.  Things we would like to do to improve our lot.  Perhaps it is to shed some weight. That might mean going to the gym, taking up cycling, walking rather than using the car etc. You carry out your intentions and are rewarded by weight loss and ...

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Using Teach-Back to assist with patient communication.

Using Teach-Back to assist with patient communication.

 ...Hello All. Wanted to make a small contribution, best as I can, to the forum. I've posted below an article I recently wrote for my state dental association newsletter on the Teach-Back method for patient communication. I hope it might prove to be useful to some.  Best wishes from Midwestern USA----Tim Teach-Back Method Multiple studies...

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