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It's a disgrace!

Putting Children First

Caries in children that is.

Extraction of rotten teeth has topped the leaderboard for hospital admissions in young children over recent years, and there's not much sign of improvement.

It's a preventable disease and this is the United Kingdom in 2024.

From the British Dental Journal (23 March 2023)

What is to be done?

The simple truth is that supervised twice daily brushing at home and avoiding sweetened foods between meals i.e. 'good dietary practice' would make a drastic difference.

And not just for caries; other health epidemics – obesity and diabetes spring to mind - share common risk factors.  

Advice for parents and carers (Childsmile)

Our contribution

Whilst dental teams do not make government policy, they are ideally placed to help advise and assist their patients as well as participate in community initiatives, yet the recommendations of Delivering Better Oral Health are not widely implemented in primary care.

Our new free course Prevention in Practice: Putting Children First helps address this by discussing the key issues and demonstrating how to implement the recommendations with brief interventions that fit into daily practice.

There is even a tailored TePe Putting Children First product pack available on request to dental professionals on completion. Like the course this is free so there are no barriers to putting the interventions into practice.

Putting Children First: our free interactive course for dental teams

Focus on prevention

Our very first product was "Caring for your mouth", published well over 20 years ago. It was the result of my dismay on entering general practice to discover how few patients hasd been shown how to clean their teeth properly. We produced an interactive course for dental teams, complemented by patient information videos on VHS cassette and then DVD.

The Oral Health Foundation included it in their catalogue for many years. We still supply DVDs in the age of streaming media.

'Caring for your mouth': our first publication was for oral health promotion (CD, VHS, DVD and streamed)

Changing times

When developing "Caring for your Mouth" I was warned that "prevention doesn't pay". Times have changed. The subject features in the general news, along with importance of diet (I am surely not the only one to see Tim Spector's happy face interrupting my Youtube viewing with ZOE adverts?)

Most importantly there are initiatives that prove not only does oral health promotion save considerable sums on treating the misery of avoidable disease, it is both a practice and team builder.

Childsmile has led the way in showing that well designed initiatives work for everyone

We need your help

So, if like me you are appalled by caries in young children and want to contribute, please enrol, complete the core content, request your TePe Putting Children First product pack, contribute to the community group and spread the word. Not only will you be helping to reduce the burden of caries, but also other common diseases.

And if you have any recommendations or would like to contribute in a particular way let us know. We'd love to hear from you.

Complete the core content, request your TePe pack and participate in the community

Our 25th year

2024 is our 25th year of operation: November marks our 26th anniversary. We started with prevention, and I have spent nearly my entire clinical career in paediatric dentistry, so nothing would make me happier than to see this fly.

Let's make 2024 the Year of Prevention. Together we can do it!
Make a difference for children in 2024
Piloting ‘Prevention in Practice: Putting Children...

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