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Image of a live webinar on The Dental Channel

Get 'webinared'!

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are running webinars weekly and are offering free places by applying a coupon code. Please see the notices on the home page or newsletter for these codes.

If you have not participated in a live webinar you are missing out. As one of our members remarked, everyone should 'Get webinared!' Think of a webinar as similar to attending a lecture but without the inconvenience and cost of travelling. And that is just the beginning.


We pioneered the use of live webinars (‘synchronous e-learning’) for dental CPD, and since 2006 have been delivering a monthly service. Webinars break down barriers: We have delivered events with the subject matter experts joining in from three different continents and participants joining in from all over the globe.

Webinars can be highly interactive and allow all sorts of different ways to communicate in a very personal and engaging way (we often receive feedback that they are like one-to-one training). Interact with other like-minded professionals and build your network. Participate in live training without disrupting family life. Have your popcorn to hand without disturbing anyone else. The benefits are numerous.

What do you need?


  • A computer or mobile device (phone or tablet);
  • A reliable internet connection.

We have had participants joining in from trains, internet cafes etc. For the best experience, we recommend using as reliable an internet connection as possible to make full use of the service.

How does it work?

You can join the meeting up to an hour before the scheduled start, when you will be welcomed. If you have a microphone or webcam you can test these, but they are not obligatory. However, we do encourage their use as it is good to put faces to names and makes conversations easier. You have full control, so do not be worried about your privacy.

During the webinar you will be able to view the presentation, see the presenter(s) and comment via a text chat facility. Messages can be either public or private.

The structure of a webinar will vary. It is often similar to the familiar lecture format, with a presentation followed by discussion. Sometimes it is divided into discrete parts, with input invited from participants via text chat, polls or similar.

Are there recordings?

We publish edited recordings of our live webinars approximately 4-6 weeks after the broadcast. The dynamics of live and on-demand events are different, so the editing reflects this. We strongly recommend attending the live webinars and using the recordings to review and follow-up the training.

How do I enrol?

We run regular monthly events, with the next event displayed on the home page. You can enrol in individual ones at modest cost, but please note that our Complete 365 subscription includes our monthly live events together with all our on-demand courses.

First webinar for £10

You can enrol in your first live event for £10. Simply telephone or contact us via email or our ticketed support system. If you then enrol in our Complete 365 subscription within 30 days, the fee will be deducted from your subscription.

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